5 Essential Features To Be Considered In Taxi App Development

  • Vinay Jain
  • July 20, 2022
5 Essential Features To Be Considered In Taxi App Development

5 Essential Features To Be Considered In Taxi App Development

There is replacing the traditional ride-hailing services with modern ones. You can't have successful ridesharing services without an amazing application. The standing in the competition is possible when you provide reasons to choose the cab booking services. It provides many options to the users. You can hire the company with a suitable taxi application with the correct methods and information. 

How to hire the best taxi app development company?

Let us explore some basis for choosing the right taxi app development company. When you hire the right development company, you can consider these features for the next level of success. The Taxi App Development Company has the top features to have the desired results for the customers. You can choose the right taxi app development company after proper market research. Then, you can follow five steps to hire the best taxi app development company. 

1. Choose Taxi Type

After registering on our taxi app, passengers can choose the right taxi type at the time of ride-booking. Customers can choose the cab from the different categories, including mini, hatchback, sedan, SUV, and many more.

Creating a successful taxi app requires careful consideration of essential features. Our blog post outlines the five must-have features in taxi app development that ensure a seamless experience for both passengers and drivers. From real-time tracking to secure payment options, this guide provides valuable insights for businesses looking to venture into the competitive world of taxi app development.

2. Accurate Eta With Live Traffic

Driver arrival times are based on road conditions, curvatures, hills, and historical speeds with detailed and predictive data.

Snaps to Road

Tracking driver while on a trip or the route covered by the driver. We are providing an option for the admin to view the route covered by the driver for the trip.

Get the live traffic condition while booking the trip to know the estimated time for the trips—real-time update on driver arrival time on pick up location.

3. Multi-Payment Options

Our taxi app provides your riders with multiple mobile payment methods like e-wallets, net banking, debit/credit cards, and other payment options in the taxi app like uber. It makes users use any payment option securely at their convenience.

4. OTP to Start Trip

Once your booking is confirmed, you will see an OTP for your ride on your confirmed ride screen. Before starting the trip, you must share the OTP with the driver.

We have a five-digits secure OTP to Ensure that riders will not be charged before starting the ride and provide security to the drivers and riders that the right person is travelling in a taxi.

If you have booked a cab for a friend or family, we request you to keep them informed about the OTP.

5. Customize Ride Options

Passengers have options to customize their rides in our passenger application.

Senior Citizen

Passengers can book a taxi for Senior citizens above 60 years by selecting preference at ride booking. The driver physically helps the passenger to enter and exit the cab.

Child Passenger

If passengers travel with small kids, they can book a taxi by selecting preference infant seat, child seat, and booster seats at ride booking.


Passengers traveling with patients can book a taxi by selecting a preferred wheelchair at ride booking. Then, the driver helps the patients enter and exit the cab.

Quiet Mode

If your mood is off and you don't want to talk to anyone. You can book a taxi by selecting a quiet mode preference at ride booking; quiet mode for people who hate talking to taxi drivers.

Female Preference

Suppose any female passenger wants to travel with a female driver. She can book a taxi by selecting a preferred female at ride booking.


Grepix Infotech design and develop the best on-demand taxi app development solution. Our taxi app is easy and safe to use and already used by many taxi business companies similar to Uber. So you should consider these five points when hiring the best taxi development company. 

Moreover, we offer a readymade taxi script that you can use to launch your taxi booking online business. In addition, we share expertise in providing on-demand taxi app development services, particularly in taxi app development, Uber for grocery delivery, Medicine Delivery, Doctor On-demand, On-Demand laundry, dry cleaning app, and much more.

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