How Mobile App Development Has Impacted Travel Industry

  • Vinay Jain
  • May 13, 2019
How Mobile App Development Has Impacted Travel Industry

How Mobile App Development Has Impacted Travel Industry

The major overhaul brought about by fast-paced changing technology has impacted every industry, in some form or the other. Travel Industry is no exception.

Dramatic growth in the number of smartphone users has changed the face of tourism, making it possible for everyone to book a memorable holiday at the ease of their fingertips using mobile apps.

Thanks to rapid mobile app development company in India, today, there is no dearth of intuitive, feature rich travel applications one can find to plan a trip. This has also reduced the dependency on third-party service providers such as travel operators, maps, taxi agencies for planning travel.

One can fulfil all their travel assistance needs using a good travel mobile app right from booking tickets to finding top eateries at a destination. This is perhaps the very reason why travel companies are actively capitalizing on getting their mobile application built to garner the attention of their potential customers.

Explore the transformative impact of mobile app development on the travel industry in our latest blog post. Discover how mobile apps have revolutionized the way travelers plan, book, and experience their journeys. From navigation and accommodation to personalized travel itineraries, this guide examines the various ways in which mobile app development has reshaped and enhanced the travel experience.

Mobile App Trends That Are transforming Travel and Tourism

The tourism industry today is using mobile applications to achieve consumer engagement and accelerate its market penetration. On the other hand, for consumers, it has opened a gateway of myriad benefits such as ease of flight and hotel bookings, cashless transactions among many others. Hence, it’s no surprise to see that present-day e-commerce including travel has become strongly dependent on these robust user-friendly mobile apps

Let us look into some major changes and benefits that mobile application development has brought in the travel industry:

A Robust Tool to Capture Potential Customers

A mobile app has become an indispensable tool for travel companies to tap their potential customers.

Leading names within travel landscape such as MakeMyTrip, Yatra or have successfully enhanced their visibility and business through their well-built mobile apps.  It has made them earn a new base of elite customers and expand their business revenue by providing services at any time.

Seamless Transactions, Going Paperless and Connectivity

With the convenience of mobile apps, the entire idea of planning a journey has become simple. Another advantage is the need to carry all documents has also been eliminated. Everything from hotel, flight tickets to identity documents can be saved in mobile. Moreover, online transactions done at the ease of mobile apps has also done away the need to carry cash.

Built-In App Booking Capabilities

Mobile travel apps have also brought the facility of booking flight, train and cab bookings in some simple steps without necessarily moving out of the application. Hence, a user does not have to navigate to a taxi booking app. Instead, he can simply enter his source and destination and can get a cab booked to his service from the travel app itself.

The additional details such as driver information, contact details, registration number, and expected fare are also provided which further adds to the security factor ensuring a safe trip for the passenger.

Today, it's no surprise to find an uber clone integrated with the interface of a travel app. Travel companies are leaving no stone unturned to make the experience of their users spectacular which is clearly reflecting in their growing popularity.

Amazing Discounts and Incentives

Given there are a huge number of travel apps battling to garner the attention of customers, a traveller can expect some amazing discount while using these apps to complete a transaction. This has benefitted a common man at the economic front, especially at a time when inflation is skyrocketing. Moreover, freebies, complimentary services have also added to the charm of booking travel holidays via these mobile apps.

Social Media Integration and Sharing

These days, every travel app provides detailed reviews from customers about a destination. This makes it easy for people to make informed decisions while considering bookings, vendors, and services. Not only can customers view these reviews but also add their personal experience, upload photos, and videos within these apps.

A recent study from Adweek suggested that social amplification has a huge impact on mobile travellers where more than 80 percent of tourists consider reading reviews before planning their travel. Hence, the integration of social media platforms, vendor reviews and expert opinions within travel apps have added in earning loyalty and faith from prospective travellers.


Living in the world of transition where the global tourism and travel industry is ready for some massive changes, it is no surprise to expect travel apps to become more personal and digital in coming times. These growing mobile trends will help travellers quickly adapt to their new surroundings.

The Smartphones will continue to be the best companion for tourist to access all travel related assistance. In such a scenario, companies who will not include mobile into their digital strategy might face the brunt of running out of business.

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