How Our Taxi App is Innovative with Its Newest Features

  • Vinay Jain
  • May 23, 2022
How Our Taxi App is Innovative with Its Newest Features

How Our Taxi App is Innovative with Its Newest Features

Since the inception of Uber, there has been a visible growth, or we can say a massive stir in the taxi and transportation sector. The success of Uber is quite visible. The massive growth of online cab aggregators has seen many budding entrepreneurs consider building their taxi booking apps. To help such entrepreneurs, experts at Grepix Infotech spent countless hours analyzing the functionality and business model of the world's most successful online cab aggregators.

Apart from these facts, taxi apps offer utter comfort and flexibility in choosing the desired vehicle type, pick-up & drop location, and making an online payment instantly are a few reasons why online cab booking apps are in great demand. Apps like Uber, Lyft, Bolt, Didi, inDriver, and Ola have already created a buzz in the taxi app market and are leveraging exceptional benefits by offering customized taxi services. This blog will offer you valuable insights into taxi app development trends in 2022, along with some exciting features and functionalities that can uplift your taxi app's performance and level of engagement significantly.

Explore the innovation behind our taxi app's newest features in this insightful blog post. Discover how cutting-edge functionalities enhance the user experience, driver efficiency, and overall performance. From real-time tracking to advanced payment options, this article showcases the app's innovative approach to revolutionizing the taxi industry.

1. Auto-Applied Promo Codes

Easy and convenient feature for the riders to automatically apply the eligible discount/promo codes when booking the trip.

Riders can get a discounted price on the estimated fare for the trips.

2. Accurate Eta With Live Traffic

A rider can get an accurate ETA (Estimate time arrival) of the driver with live traffic. Driver arrival times are based on road conditions, curvatures, hills, and historical speeds with detailed and predictive data.

3. Favourite Driver

A rider has taken a ride with the driver and loves the service; Rider can set that driver as his preferred/favourite driver. Then, the next time a rider sends a trip request, he will get a preference for the ride if that driver is available.

4. Incident Reporting System

An incident reporting system is a solution that enables our teams to detect, investigate, and respond to any incidents with drivers and passengers. In addition, the incident reporting system acts as a single point of contact between the support team and drivers & passengers. Grepix design and develop incident reporting systems in which admin can get summarized incident information at various levels easily and quickly.

5. Airport Queue

We have a very advanced Airport priority queue algorithm. App auto-detects the available drivers at the airport and prompts a message to add yourself to the queue. So drivers need not wait for longer to get the ride-booking request faster.

6. Priority Queue

The driver will be automatically added to the Priority queue for the next 24 hours if the driver gets the short-distance trip. Therefore, priority queue drivers will prefer the airport queue drivers.

7. Auto Accept Trip Request

Auto Accept is an advanced feature for drivers to reduce the chance of missing a trip. As a result, drivers can more easily focus on their next pick-up, earn a reward for their acceptance rate performance, and have peace of mind knowing their next trip will be offered and accepted quickly.

8. Driver Behaviour

Driver behavior is the actions performed by a driver to ensure people's safety and compliance with driving regulations. Grepix keeps a record of drivers' driving behaviour, such as wearing safety belts, overspeeding, sharp turns, hard breaks, etc.

9. Driver Activity Logs

The driver activity logs to record what drivers are doing on the driver app. They need to record everything they're doing to ensure that they're doing their jobs well. Admin can check the driver activity logs to monitor the driver activities, daily trips, etc. Driver activity logs are the simplest to operate, most complete, and most versatile electronic Hours Of Service (HOS) solution. Driver activity logs provide the admin with complete visibility of the status of every driver in the Hours of Services(HOS) shift and cycle, including a replay of daily history and comprehensive reports.

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10. Realtime Driver Payments

Grepix provides a solution to help companies pay off their drivers timely and with automation.

11. Auto alerts on the expiration of documents

Discovered the document expiration date reminder for the drivers and administrators to send automatic notifications for the document to expire in a scheduled way before the 15days, 7 days, 3 days, 1 day of the expiry date, track status, and do compliance checks.

12. User and Driver Consent

Grepix develops taxi apps to protect companies from liabilities and legal bindings. Riders and drivers need to agree to their consent before using the taxi app.

13. Deep Statistics

Granular level statistics to understand Rider and Driver behavior and reward them for better performance.

14. Smart Fare Calculation

Trip fares are primarily calculated based on distance and time. A smart fare management system is a system in which automated fare calculation includes all parameters such as distance, time, fare, taxes, tolls, etc.

15. Multi-City

It helps taxi businesses to add multiple countries/cities to provide service. In addition, the admin can add or remove countries where they want to deliver their service. This advanced feature of the solution stack ensures business expansion.

16. Acceptance and Completion Rate

We have a robust algorithm to calculate the performance rate of the drivers, and drivers get rewarded for their performance.

Below are the features for performance rate:

Acceptance Rate ("AR") is the percentage of trip requests you accept, whether or not you complete the trip.

Completion Rate ("CR") is the percentage of trips you complete.

17. Integration with Government Bodies

Our system is built upon government guidelines for the verification process of drivers and their personal and vehicle documents like Registration, insurance, ID, License, etc.


If you plan to build a taxi booking platform, you cannot afford to miss out on the features highlighted in this blog. Therefore, make your prospects in the taxi booking arena brighter by incorporating new features in your app.

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