Why is iOS More Secure Than Android in App Development?

  • Vinay Jain
  • July 29, 2020
Why is iOS More Secure Than Android in App Development?

Why is iOS More Secure Than Android in App Development?

There are no arguing with the fact that both Android and iOS app development platforms are the greatest rivals of all time. The competition is tough all spheres, although, iOS takes a competitive edge when it comes to security.

Yes...You heard it right!!

And the reason behind this is that android platforms have always been a victim of malware, unlike its competitor.

Both Google and Apple are always trying to offer a secured operating system, but Apple is iOS has excelled in security.

Lets find out the possible reasons for iOS superiority over the Android platform.

1. Android is Open-Source Operating System

One of the prime reasons cited by tech experts is that Android as an operating system is more often an open-source. This eventually means that people can easily make or download things that might leak confidential information.

However, when it comes to iOS, you cannot download or install applications from unknown sources. Moreover, Apple is quite strict concerning downloading and control over the software. Unlike Google Play Store, you cannot launch every app on the Apple app store.

For iOS-based apps, you must choose an iOS App Development Company that can create user-friendly and intuitive apps for Apple smartphones.

Security is a paramount concern in app development, and this blog post explores why iOS is considered more secure than Android. Understand the security features, policies, and ecosystem aspects that contribute to iOS's reputation for providing a secure environment for app users. Whether you're developing enterprise apps or consumer-facing applications, explore the reasons why iOS stands out in terms of security in app development.

2. Default App Preference

IOS prefers default applications like Messenger, Safari, etc. The best part is you cannot change the default settings, keeping the platform reliable for the users.

Talk about Android app development; users can easily change their defaults into any application. This is the main reason there are more apps available on the Google Play Store than the Apple App Store.

3. Jailbreak is an Extremely Tough Task to Crack in iOS

If you’ve been into a smartphone for years, you must probably have heard about the jailbreak that has become a significant security concern these days. The term means that removing the software restrictions imposed by Apple.

It cannot be said that it is impossible to break it, but it’s the most challenging task, especially when a user has the most advanced phone versions. Unlike iOS, the messaging app in Android OS is prone to security breaches due to the open code.

That’s’ where Apple stands tall!!

Apple is quite selective in releasing its code and always adheres to its developers' activities. And that’s the prime reason it’s not a cakewalk to design an iOS app development solution while it could be easier to do in the Android app.

If Apple finds that its iPhone is jailbroken, it will lock the phone out, making it of no use to the person. Remember that the iOS app has complete control over the hardware and software tools.

4. App Testing – iOS is Better

Before the app is finally released on the app store and goes live, mobile app testing is supposed to be an essential procedure for the end-users. However, as far as apps testing is concerned, Apple is very stern on this parameter and does not leave a single margin for error from its side.

Every app goes through a strict test before it’s allowed to download from the Apple app store.

Google also follows the same policy, although the test they conduct on apps is not as strict as iOS.

Another important reason that shows why there are more apps on Google Play Store in Comparison to Apple App Store!

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5. Online Digital Payment

Don’t Think Twice, Choose Apple Pay

When it comes down to security factors and looking for reasons why iOS is safer than Android, it’s a must to consider online payment. There’s no denying that people, these days, are making cashless transactions and they are quite worried regarding the security of internet banking and credit card information.

And in this case, Apple stands tall above Google’s OS!

Apple Pay is recommended by experts in the study conducted over Google Wallet or Samsung Pay.

You might be thinking, why?

Both companies adopt more or less the same technology, although, Apple Pay has a competitive edge. With improved and superior security features that include the Touch ID system, Apple OS asks the user to authenticate their fingerprints to make a transaction.

Furthermore, Apple Pay has a better user experience and merchant availability. So, it cannot be hard to find out who the real winner is.

Both Android and iOS app development platforms have their own pros and cons; but one thing is for sure that with respect to security, iOS remains unbeatable.

And the reason behind this is that because Apple has maintained the strict policies on development and downloading of apps, testing of apps, user interface and experience, and many more.

Final Thoughts

With mobile app development companies mushrooming rapidly, businesses are aggressively looking to launch their apps on iOS App store.

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