How To Start A Small Handyman Business

  • Vinay Jain
  • February 01, 2023
How To Start A Small Handyman Business

How To Start A Small Handyman Business

If you love fixing things that are broken or don't work right, becoming a handyman can be a great business idea. You may make a fortune by incorporating your passion into your business. We provide you complete Handyman App Development solution.

Besides your passion, here are some other reasons you might want to become a handyman:

  • Approximately 137 million (or close to 80%) of American homes are at least 20 years old, according to Harvard. Additionally, forty percent of those surveyed are above fifty. Owning an older home requires regular maintenance, including updates and repairs.
  • Because the corona virus pandemic is hard to predict, more people are choosing to work from home and putting the money they would have spent on travel toward home improvements.
  • As more millennials buy homes, they demand that they be remodeled to meet their expectations.
  • The market for home improvement services was valued at $316.8 billion in 2020 and is anticipated to grow to $585.3 billion by 2030, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.2% between 2021 and 2030.

If you have the skills and want to start your own handyman business, this in-depth guide will set you up for success.

Explore the steps and strategies for launching a successful small handyman business with our detailed guide. From defining your services to marketing your business effectively, this blog post offers practical advice for aspiring handymen. Additionally, it emphasizes the importance of mobile app development in streamlining operations and connecting with customers. Discover how to establish and grow a small handyman business in a competitive market.

Who is Handyman?

A handyman is someone who does odd jobs like small repairs, maintenance on the inside and outside of the house, hanging TVs, and other things to make sure that the homeowner's home is always in great shape.

Because they don't need special licenses or training to use new tools, handymen charge less than professional contractors, electricians, and plumbers. Many handyman businesses focus on serving homeowners and property managers. Let's examine the list of ten steps for launching your handyman service.

Steps to Consider While Choosing a Small Handyman Service

You are therefore prepared to start your own handyman business. Creating a successful handyman business requires investing the time and energy to get things off to the right start. It takes hard work to make the thrilling transition from a contractor to a small business owner.

We've talked about important steps for starting a handyman service, like making a business plan and a plan for financing and advertising.

1. Plan the Business

For all entrepreneurs, having a great idea is essential. But you must plan your business if you want to get started and make money with a handyman service. Find out who the target market is for your handyman service as well as what the continuing costs will be.

You may start this business for less than $1000 if you speak with established handyman business owners. The only things you will require are a few basic repair tools, insurance, and a marketing budget.

2. Find a Niche

You might believe that you must pay for every service. Perhaps there is no need for this. Simply choose the most appropriate specialty and stick with it. The quality is what counts, not always the quantity. Stay true to your strengths so that your company can still turn a profit even if you just provide a few services.

Make sure you are familiar with the local laws that are in force. This is important for your business's success. You can speak with a local attorney or private eye. Having your handyman service bonded, licensed, and insured also exudes professionalism.

3. Develop your Website

It is thought that to be found by search engines, a website must be trustworthy. Additionally, it aids clients in developing a sense of trust. You distinguish yourself from the competition by having a website.

It may also lead to you receiving additional employment. On your website, you must list the services you offer, information about your business, work requests, forms, client testimonials, and other information related to your license. Because it will be easier for customers to find you online, the website needs to be SEO optimized.

4. Own a Handyman Business Software

There are many different types of handyman home services software out there, and you may use handyman accounting software to create an on-demand app. As a result, you will be able to structure your company since the software is your best option.

The program aids in maintaining the organization and accessibility of client and corporate information. When you go to a customer's house, it will be very disappointing if you can't find out anything about that customer from before. Download the handyman program to prevent embarrassing yourself.

5. Understand the cost

Decide on your target market and set your prices accordingly. In this industry, there are relatively few market requirements, and you can even make hundreds of dollars an hour.

6. Add the Handyman Company to Google

Having a solid web presence these days is important for your handyman business. Most prospective customers will read evaluations left by previous customers.

Your company may greatly benefit from this as well. It means that you can write about your business and include a link to your website, where customers can place orders. The company can be listed on many platforms, including Google My Business and Yelp.

Your handyman business must be registered with the local government. It can be created as an LLC. You can do research online to learn the requirements for registration if you want to start a business in a particular area.

The process of registering the handyman business online shouldn't take more than six weeks. Additionally, giving your company a name is important.

As your business grows, you may use the name you chose for your LLC, logos, websites, uniforms, and invoicing, so make sure it has a professional tone.

If you work as a general contractor without a license and certifications, you could get into trouble with the law, hurt your company's reputation, and hurt the industry as a whole.

You should only provide services that are covered by your contractor's license and permits to avoid breaking state laws and to give your business a professional appearance.

8. Purchase Business Insurance

Even when you visit clients' homes to fix a noisy door or a problematic AC vent, handyman insurance is crucial.

You can apply for several types of coverage, such as automobile, business, or staff insurance, depending on your needs and the service industry.

Once you have sorted out these crucial components of launching a professional handyman service, you need to make sure that your business environment has professional software integration to manage internal workflows.

You need to choose specialized software that can make a big difference in how your clients see you while also making your accounting and financial management easier. This software will help you make estimates, invoices, purchase orders, and credit memos and keep track of them.

9. Reliable Client Support

The level of customer service you can provide will have a big impact on how well your handyman business does. People are constantly seeking a sense of safety and security in their own space and are leery of guests entering their homes. Inform the clients about the procedure when you visit them.

Tell them how you intend to collaborate with them and let them know about the methods and software you are utilizing. Always attempt to simplify the customer experience. Better customer service is the result.

How Much Does It Cost to Start a Handyman Business?

Here is the response to your query about how much it costs to launch a handyman business:

  • The average cost to start a profitable handyman business is between $2,000 and $6,000, depending on how much of the process you outsource versus do yourself.
  • But if you want to make a great impression, you may easily spend more than $10,000. The average handyman will fall in the middle and may anticipate investing between $2,000 and $5,000 to launch a handyman business.

You're Prepared to Launch a Handyman Business

We hope that this post will be beneficial to you and that it will enable you to launch your handyman clone from scratch. Here, we talked about the steps you need to take to start a handyman service and answered many important but common questions.

You can use Grepix Infotech to manage your handyman business instead of using Excel sheets or paper to keep track of everything. As a top mobile app development company, we have access to a wide range of scheduling software that lets you manage your team of handymen, schedule work, send out work orders, and make reports.

You can run your complete handyman business with just a few clicks from the comfort of your chair. Isn't it fantastic? What are you still holding out for? Begin your free trial RIGHT NOW to explore a variety of features.

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