How To Develop an On-Demand Towing Roadside Assistance App?

  • Vinay Jain
  • March 23, 2022
How To Develop an On-Demand Towing Roadside Assistance App?

How To Develop an On-Demand Towing Roadside Assistance App?

How to Develop an On-Demand Towing/Roadside Assistance App?

Over time, the scope of technology has expanded dramatically, providing us with many apps that make our lives easier. As a result, there isn't much these days that you can't get online.

And this is where the importance of a roadside assistance app comes in!

Many aspiring entrepreneurs are looking forward to starting a towing company with a complete on-demand roadside assistance software solution.

The roadside assistance app solution is a smart choice because it has a solid revenue reputation among other on-demand businesses.

Did you know?

By 2026, the global market for car roadside assistance is estimated to reach USD 29 billion.

Surprising… isn't it?

Without wasting time, let's discuss what this is all about! 

Explore the ins and outs of on-demand roadside assistance app development in this informative blog post. Learn about essential features, market trends, and user expectations that shape the success of roadside assistance apps. From quick response times to efficient service coordination, this guide covers the critical aspects of developing a reliable roadside assistance solution.

What Is Roadside Assistance Business?

"Roadside Assistance" refers to assisting persons traveling by car and requiring assistance if something goes wrong. For example, suppose a person is driving his car, and the tire suddenly becomes perforated. In some cases, roadside assistance will arrive and provide professional repair services for a fee. The roadside assistance industry has seen a comeback in recent years, and it has emerged as a viable investment prospect for intelligent investors.

The term "roadside assistance" refers to more than just automotive assistance. It has a wide range of applications based on various issues and locations. The most popular means of transportation nowadays is the car. And, with thousands of vehicles on the road every day, some will inevitably break down and require roadside help.

How Does a Roadside Assistance App Work?

  • Before diving into the tips to develop a roadside assistance app, let's discuss these steps:
  • The user logs in using their registered mobile number or social network account via the app.
  • Users will look for tow trucks in their area.
  • They can book the service right away or schedule it for later.
  • App will notify the tow truck driver of the user's request.
  • After the request is approved, the user can track the driver in real-time.
  • When the driver arrives at the users' location, they offer towing service.
  • Users can pay for services using a credit card, cash, or an in-app wallet.
  • Following the completion of the service, both the customer and the driver can evaluate and review each other.

    Roadside Assistance Industry Market Statistics

    Given the number of aging vehicles on the road, the roadside assistance app market is rising daily. According to statistics, between 2020 and 2027, the global car roadside assistance industry is expected to increase at a phenomenal 3.92 percent, reaching a market value of over USD 30 billion.

    The Reasons for the Popularity of the Towing/Roadside Assistance Industry

    The business of roadside assistance and towing has gone mainstream. It attributes to the abrupt growth in vehicles during the last decade.

    Too many automobiles on the road have increased the number of accidents and vehicle breakdowns.

    Furthermore, many people have neglected to have their vehicles serviced regularly due to their busy and demanding schedules. As a result, it has increased the need for driving assistance apps.

    Benefits for Users Increasing Demand for Towing Assistance App

    Here are the potential benefits of choosing an on-demand roadside assistance app.

    1. Immediate and Quick Assistance

    Users who have become trapped do not need to look for a mechanic in an unknown place to fix the problem. Instead, the roadside help app is cost-effective to acquire immediate assistance.

    2. Affordability

    Before reserving a service, the app displays a pricing estimate, allowing customers to understand the cost ahead of time and purchase them based on their preferences.

    3. Priority of Service 

    Most services adhere to a priority list to meet the clients' immediate needs. Fuel delivery, battery replacement, spare vital services, and other services, for example, are given priority.

    4. Payment Protection 

    Popular Towing and Roadside Assistance Apps

    Listed below are the popular roadside assistance apps that you must know:

    a. is a global leading digital roadside help network that allows the most efficient and secure roadside assistance services. It boasts a network of over 200,000 drivers who provide services such as fuel delivery, tire changes, jump starts, key replacement, and other similar services. In addition, the app also offers a Roadside-as-Service solution to a variety of transportation-related businesses for major mobility solutions like ride-sharing, electric vehicles, and autonomous vehicles.

    b. AAA

    AAA is one of the most widely used roadside assistance apps, providing rapid support for various roadside issues. For example, it covers gasoline delivery, battery replacement, flat tire repair, lockout assistance, etc.

    c. Honk

    Honk is a roadside help app launched in 2014. Towing, stuck in a ditch, roadside help, motorbike & exotic car towing, jumpstart, secondary towing, flat tire, and more services are available.

    d. On-star

    On-star is a roadside assistance firm based in the United States created in 1996. It offers automatic collision response, roadside help, crisis aid, and stolen car assistance.

    e. Waze

    Waze was founded by Ehud Shabtai, Amir Shinar, and Uri Levine in 2006. It is now available in 50 different languages. Waze has many advantages, including price and scalability.

    f. StrandD

    StrandD is one of India's most popular roadside help apps, with a pay-per-use model. The app promises rapid response on call for towing, vehicle accidents, tire damage, lost keys, fuel problems, dead batteries, or another mechanical failure.

    How to Develop a Towing/Roadside Assistance Mobile App?

    Choosing an experienced and dependable roadside assistance app solution is the first step in establishing a solid towing mobile app. You must also decide on the functionality that your app will require. After all, the app's success determines by its features and functionalities. To create a completely functional app, you'll need to include several basic and complex functionalities.

    Tips for Developing a Towing Assistance App

    It is unavoidable that your app passes through the standards listed below to create a trustworthy and effective product.

    1. Reduce the number of time customers has to wait

    It would help if you built an on-demand road assistance app with the shortest possible wait time in mind. All users who want roadside help are in a rush and will not have the time or endurance to wait for long periods. Therefore, a helpful app with the shortest wait time would improve the client experience and increase brand loyalty.

    2. Analyze issues and propose appropriate solutions

    Before creating a towing help app, put yourself in your customer's shoes and think about the issues they would experience in the event of a vehicle breakdown. It will assist you in developing innovative solutions that provide a positive consumer experience.

    3. Maintain a straightforward approach

    Any customer who uses your app will be in a dire situation. As a result, they will not have the patience to go through time-consuming and inconvenient booking procedures. As a result, it's critical to make your app's user experience clear and straightforward. It will save clients stranded from the extra difficulties of accessing a complicated app.

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    Business Models for Towing/Roadside Assistance App

    1. Roadside Assistance Centre: With this business strategy, you can swiftly and efficiently provide your top-notch on-demand roadside assistance services to stranded clients. With a dedicated roadside assistance app, you can streamline your business operations by allowing you to manage all of your employees, bookings, and payments from a single dashboard.

    2. Single Service Aggregator: This entails creating an Uber-style app for tow trucks. It allows you to manage any high-demand service verticals from within the app, such as tire replacement, tow, refuels, mechanical repairs, etc.

    3. Multi-Service Aggregator: is one of the most well-known multi-service aggregator apps. Stranded drivers can quickly access various roadside assistance options from their preferred service providers.

    How to Generate Revenue from Your Roadside Assistance App?

    1. Subscription Plans

    Admin can give multiple subscription plans to customers and service providers for a modest charge. In addition, various app features and discounts are provided to them based on their goals.

    2. Commissions

    It is a systematic method of generating revenue in which the admin gets a commission each time a consumer pays for a reservation. The commission amount can be set or fluctuate depending on the service type.

    3. Featured Listing

    Featured listings are a popular method of monetization. The service providers pay the admin a charge to be listed in the app's top sections. In other words, for a fee, the admin recommends the services of a specific supplier to customers.

    4. Sell Advertisement

    The admin can allow third-party service providers to display promotional advertisements for a price. This cost can be determined using variables such as clicks, impressions, and so on.

    5. Wait time fee

    The service provider may have to wait for a while if the user's vehicle can not tow immediately. The user will be charged a waiting fee in this situation. And the administrators can keep a portion of the charge for themselves.

    Features To Include In Roadside Assistance App

    Here are the features you must include when developing a roadside assistance app. 

    1. Multi-Language

    We offered different languages in our app. It allows users to interact with the software in their native language and thus gain more accessible access.

    2. Multi-Payment

    We integrated with many popular payment gateways with multiple payment methods such as credit/debit cards, in-app wallets, etc.

    3. Push Notification

    Customers can receive notifications on the status of their booking. For example, it allows users to know whether or not their booking request accepts and how long it will take for the service providers to contact them.

    4. Referrals System

    Having a referral system in place is an excellent approach to expanding the reach of your app. The administrator can use this system to reward those who sign up their friends and family members for the app.

    5. Coupon Codes

    Coupons are an effective marketing tool since the admin can add coupon codes to loyal consumers who can use them to get discounts. It encourages consumers to utilize the app more often.

    Without the knowledge and expertise of a qualified development team, a powerful and feature-rich roadside assistance app development is not possible. As a result, ensure that the app development company you pick has a well-rounded team that includes the following individuals:

    • Project manager
    • Web developers (both front-end and back-end)
    • User interface/user experience (UI/UX) designers
    • Experts in in-app testing and quality assurance
    • Android and iOS app developers


    In an emergency, on-demand roadside assistance applications have eliminated the trouble of locating towing and repair providers. In addition, to grow their consumer base, an increasing number of brick-and-mortar stores are turning to the internet.

    The time is right to invest in the rapidly expanding roadside assistance business. To design a solid app and break into this burgeoning market, you should contact a reputable app development firm like Appicial.

    We have a team of highly competent engineers and specialists with a wide range of experience to help you create your on-demand roadside assistance app development without breaking the bank.

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